Uber’s focus on Gurgaon and absence in Noida

April 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

On the occasion of reaching 100 cities across the world, Uber released trips maps of these cities. Here is the New Delhi/NCR map:


Uber’s trips map in New Delhi/NCR. Click for better image.


Few things to observe:

  • The trips are limited to New Delhi and Gurgaon. The reason, as I understand it, is that Uber does not offer pick-up services in Noida. And if you want to take a ride to Noida, the cab has to pay separate state permit tax.
  • Uber doesn’t own the cabs it offers, but has tied up with some of the local taxi companies supply the cabs. NCR being a composition of three states means that it can be quite complex to get taxi licenses. But it seems rather obtuse to tie up with taxi companies that don’t have these licenses.
  • Uber launched in NCR around October 2013. With half a year gone, they seem have to gathered sufficient momentum if the map is to be believed. This could be because of a) the differentiation and novelty of the service b) discounts and vouchers that they are offering to encourage trial. In longer term, the expectation is likely to be availability and certain level of price competitiveness with other semi-premium services like Meru Plus. Of course, the Noida issue would have to be solved as well.

You can see maps of various cities, and a rather cool video at www.uber.com/100/

Further reading: Experience of one of the riders which highlights the Noida issue

Image via Uber, annotations mine.


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