India is getting safer

April 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

Much has been talked about nabbing entire leadership of Indian Mujahideen. Indian Express has an excellent, detailed piece on how various government agencies collaborated to make string of arrests over last eight months. This marks a significant point for the anti-terrorist efforts of Indian government.

In fact, if you look at civilian deaths under terrorist attacks over last two decades, you see a gradual but consistent decline. Compared to decade ago, civilian deaths have decreased by 75%.

Civilian fatalities due to terror attacks

Civilian fatalities due to terror attacks has an interesting analysison how these arrests under the current Home Affairs minister Sushil Kumar Shinde are deceptive to his effectiveness. Looking at the trend of fatalities, there is an underlying improvement in homeland security situation, irrespective of the ministerial leadership. Only two Home Affairs ministers seem to have played any active role in targeting terrorists activities:

  • LK Advani, because it was under his administration that the downtrend has actually begin, and the only period when terrorists deaths were on the rise (although this might be deceptive)
  • P Chidambaram, because with international terrorism under relative restrain, he targeted the domestic left-wing terrorism

From the Scroll piece:

[Shinde’s] tenure at the home ministry has mostly been laissez-faire (some would say almost dangerously so). “He left it to the officers much more than Chidambaram would have done,” […] “Chidambaram would review the finer details every month, there was much more closer monitoring, which has its pluses. But at the same time, some people say the home minister should be looking at the the bigger picture.” […] Shinde’s successes were just good timing on his party, since they are the result of changes that were put in place during Chidambaram’s tenure.

The concerned areas that remain today are sustained threat of left-wing extremism, which has actually led to nearly 50% of security personnel deaths per year. But to solution to that may not simply lie with the security organisations.

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